Gift-Planning Overview

Gift planning begins with your desire to want to make a gift—whether a lifetime gift or an estate gift. Gift plans are as unique as the donors who create them. A gift plan can help you decide what assets to give, how to give them, and when to do so.

Gift planning should not be undertaken lightly. There are many issues to consider, including:

How to Make a Gift
Discover different ways of making a gift to Georgia Tech.
What Assets to Give
Explore various assets and the benefits associated with the different ways of giving these assets.
When to Make a Gift
Consider appropriate times for making certain types of gifts.

Gift Planning officers are here to help you with each step. Give us a call when you are ready. It is our pleasure to help you.

Gift Strategy Chart
Our chart can help you determine which gift is right for you.
Request a Calculation
Explore your options by using a gift calculator to see how your gift choice would work for you.


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